Posted by: Kris Woods | October 9, 2008

Application & Technology

A reading teacher and I are trying something new.  Using a jigsaw approach to learning, we are working through the informational text unit for reading by having the students create a digital movie.  Using the concepts of text, graphics, strategies, evaluation, author’s purpose, and audience students are trying to find examples of application of these concepts using GALILEO.  The next step is to take a screen shot of the article, add arrows (in PowerPoint) to point out the feature or strategy used to understand the text.  Students are creating scripts to go along with the screen shots explaining the application of the feature.  This project emcompasses numerous technology literacy, information literacy, and media literacy skills.

We are just beginning the stage of building the PhotoStories for each concept.  Once the PhotoStories are complete, we will then collate the individual set of skills together into one video, which will become a teaching tool for the rest of the class to learn about the other sets of information involved in informational text.

The project has been a challenge because the students need to move up the taxonomy to apply their knowledge about informational text and not just define the concepts.  This project is forcing them to truly examine an encyclopedia article or a letter to the editor and metacognitively consider the process they use to understand the information then COMMUNICATE that knowledge to someone else.


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