Posted by: Kris Woods | August 20, 2008

Video Tutorials

I spend most of the first quarter teaching daily between the orientation and online resources classes for all the 7th grade social studies (Grolier) and 7th grade language arts (GALILEO and Website evaluation) so that the students will be prepared to research efficiently and effectively.  This schedule limits my availablity for the quarter.
This year, I decided to use Camtasia to create a video tutorial for the 8th grade social studies classes.  Moving into Georgia Studies, these students will now need to utilize New Georgia Encyclopedia, Georgia Info (UGA), and the Digital Library of Georgia.  I planned with the five teachers to create the video and have them show it to their classes with a follow-up on the resource use throughout the year.  This enabled me to reach more students, using the alternate delivery method.  I uploaded the video to TeacherTube for anytime access with a link on my website.  Students can view the video as a refresher or new students can view the video.
Due to a short notice School Improvement meeting, I was faced with rescheduling an 8th grade teacher for a Big6 research process lesson.  After the success of the Georgia Studies video, I decided to again utilize this delivery method to keep this teacher on track (I did not have another day available for her for over a week.)  I created a SmartNotebook for the lesson and created the video using the notebook.
Video tutorials have proven to be an effective instructional strategy for introductory material for our experienced students.  I felt comfortable using this method with my 8th graders because I know their research skill level from the past year’s work with them.  I remain hesitant to use the video method with the 7th graders.  I do not know their prior knowledge level and feel the video tutorials may not be an effective method for them at this point.

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