Posted by: Kris Woods | February 1, 2008

Wiki: Reflections on MediA21 @ TMS

I began wokring on the Teasleypedia wiki for our Civil War project coming up.  I have decided to take some of the elements of the jigsaw pathfinder project I developed for TeAch 21 and apply the strategies to the wiki project.

I created a Big6 page for the pre-research strategizing that the students will do before they begin work.  They will copy the template and then create their own entry page.  We have decided that the students will complete the organizer as a part of their page, including annotations of the websites they choose to use.

I read an article quite a while ago about the changing literacy that students will need to read online.  Online reading requires different techniques than print reading.  One strategy is to have students annotate any links they use to ensure that they have made an analysis of the material and that the source will be an effective source for their information needs.

My next step is to collaborate with the teacher further to create an outline we want the students to follow for their entries.  I suspect there will be an inquiry written section and the sources.  I would like to have the students incorporate primary documents and reflection in their entry outlines as well.  I want to incorporate too.  Perhaps we can also do podcasts.  The students could “interview” soldiers, nurses, abolitionists, etc.  We could expand the project to Social Studies even more by working in that class on interview scripts while the class works in Language arts on the wiki entry. Hmmm, that’s some food for thought.


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