Posted by: Kris Woods | December 12, 2007 Pathfinders

Buffy Hamilton wrote about a wonderful collaborative tool she used with a teacher on an inquiry-based project: using to bookmark research resources for students as a pathfinder.

This week I also worked with a teacher on creating a pathfinder for a project on African societies’ influence on climate, land resources, and physical features. The classes will be using the pathfinder next week, so we will see how it goes. In my pathfinder, I not only tagged the resource with subject headings, but also annotated the links as to what the student can find in the resource and I added links to netTrekker, Grolier, and GALILEO into the tag I used to link directly to this collection of links.

The teacher created a WebQuest which I added to the links then she added the link to the pathfinder on her WebQuest.  I then added a link to my media center page.  Now the students have multiple points of entry to the information we feel would be an efficient use of their research time.


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