Posted by: Kris Woods | December 4, 2007


We found out information today about the requirements and equipment we will receive at the orientation for MediA 21.  What an opportunity our system is providing for our students!  Our 21st century media centers will be at the forefront of engaged learning through implementation of information literacy, internet safety, digital technologies, and constructive student learning through pervasive collaboration with teachers.

Some of the new equipment will include:

creation station for digital video production

document camera

digital camera bundle

video camcorder bundle

audio recorder/podcasting bundle

new digital video distribution system with digital content

headphones with microphones for laptops

ceiling mounted speakers


color laser printer/scanner

Quizdom student response devices

[laptops, SmartBoard, projector which we have available already]

Of course, equipment is only part of the story.  We also will participate in training to incorporate the use of the equipment in the media center to improve student achievement through engagement of learning in a digital age. I am excited that our school will have this opportunity and that our students will benefit in such a profound way.


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