Posted by: Kris Woods | December 1, 2007

Article #1: Meaningful, Engaged Learning by NCREL

NCREL has boiled down engaged learning into eight indicators:

  1. Vision
  2. Tasks
  3. Assessment
  4. Instructional models and strategies
  5. Learning context
  6. Grouping
  7. Teacher roles
  8. Student roles

Prior to reading this article the class brainstormed some ideas of an engaged learning classroom.  After we read the article we then fleshed out the ideas that were not mentioned by the group.  To me, most of the article is a restatement of how constructive learning takes place according to the philosophy espoused by proponents of information literacy.  There are not many ideas that are unfamiliar to me in this article.  I do find it interesting that the article emphasizes an almost business aspect to engaged learning.  The entrepreneurial activities which could lead to service-based learning as well as the already expected problem-based learning as a hallmark of engaged learning is a perspective I had not previously considered.  The analogy to the working world is expanded in the role of the student as a “cognitive apprentice.”  Not only should a student discover new knowledge through application of the skills, but also reflect on the learning.  According to the article, when students observe, apply, teach, integrate, and produce knowledge, they are acting as an apprentice: studying the practioner in order to contribute to the compendium of knowledge.


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